A brief history of Rodrigo Silveira

I was born building complex HTML designs using tables. With time, I learned vanilla JavaScript, and later got addicted to jQuery. Soon I found my way into the backend of the web stack through PHP and MySQL.

During my early years as a web developer with PHP, I picked up Java from writing front-end transpiled JavaScript apps with Google’s GWT. What an amazing experience this was. As an extension of that, I kept working with Java developing native Android applications.

Because of my passion for, and curiosity of technology, I started to focus my career on the data science path. Today I work on data and business intelligence, where I make sense of big data, and develop predictive machine learning models that add value to the business and improve the experience of our users.

This is the best way to write software. Trust me =)

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My long term goal is to completely master and apply machine learning techniques, and use it to develop intelligent software improve lives.


Brigham Young University – Idaho - Bachelor of Science – Computer Science
APRIL 2010 – JULY 2012

LDS Business College, Utah – Associate of Science – Business Management
JANUARY 2007 – APRIL 2009

LDS Business College, Utah – Accounting Certificate
JANUARY 2007 – APRIL 2009