A few months ago I was invited to write a book. Yes, I was approached by a Packt representative asking if I was interested in putting together a book about writing HTML5 games. Fast forward some 300 pages later, and this is the final result: My first published book for HTML5 developers wanting to learn how to write awesome games, as well as for game developers wanting to learn HTML5.

Learning HTML5 by Creating Fun Games


The book covers the latest HTML5 features, including semantics HTML5 elements, JavaScript APIs, and CSS3. The way the book is designed is by writing a game per chapter, walking the reader through it, and explaining the major features used in that particular game.

While this was a big challenge, I’m actually in the process of planning a few other volumes. The topics are somewhat spread out, but the focus is still web-related development - including game development.


Also checkout the follow up book I’ve written to this one: Multiplayer Game Development with HTML5!