At last, Packt Publishing has reached out to me and asked me to write a follow up book to my previous one. This time the book was about socket-based multiplayer game development in JavaScript. Given the things I learned form writing the last book, it felt like this one was way, way easier to write. It also took me three less weeks to write it, although this book has fewer pages. Overall, it was a really great experience. I learned a lot, and had tons of fun. The folks at Packt are really fun to work with, and I definitely recommend it to anyone.

Multiplayer Game Development with HTML5

Multiplayer Game Development with HTML5 Book Cover

The book is mostly aimed at developers with at least some experience with game development, as it doesn’t explain much of the basics related to single player game development. However, some of the earlier same games written in the book are simple enough that a programmer new to gaming could pick up some of the major concepts. The examples are then built upon as the book progresses, and more complex multi-player elements are added to it.

Another pre-requisite is that the reader is at least somewhat familiar with Node.js, although someone who’s never even heard of it would also not have a super hard time getting used to the core principles, as the book doesn’t go too in-depth with it. Knowing your way around the Node environment, how to use NPM, and being acquainted with some of the gotchas of Node programming does help you, though, as you won’t be spending too much time thinking about some of the details involved, instead of focusing on the main topics of each chapter.