I remember when I was around 8 years of age… my brother came home with my cousin, who had a new NES game for us to try. We had just bought our BIT system a few weeks or months before that day. Anyway, that game was Mega Man 3 (Rockman 3, to be more precise). I thought that was the greatest game of all time. Then time went on, I grew up, went to college, and I now develop software for a living. However, that memory of my brother playing Mega Man never faded. Such a great game, and such an amazing experience playing it. I guess somewhere in my heart I’ve always wanted to develop a game - merging what I love to do professionally with what I loved doing growing up.

Nintendo Game Development Tutorial

bit system nes

The good news is that now that I have the skills to develop a game, which I’m sure you most likely do as well, all we need is an opportunity. The good news is that Nintendo just opened its doors for people like you and I - independent developers - so we can finally publish those long dreamed games on a Nintendo system. The way this can be done is through the Nintendo Web Framework.

And if that’s not enough indie game developer awesomeness, here’s a couple of video tutorials that describe the program, as well as walks you through making a game for the Nintendo Wii U using HTML5 and JavaScript technologies. Enjoy!

Nintendo Game Development Tutorial 1: Nintendo Web Framework

Nintendo Game Development Tutorial 2: Custom Game Engine