The end of the semester is here. Just about one more project for each of the Computer Science classes I’m taking right now… With that comes the opportunity to port C++ code to the browser, and put out some cool HTML5 apps. My final project for one of my C++ classes is a game of Sudoku. The program, to be written in C++, must be able to read a board from a text file, allow the human player to play the game, with simple rules enforced, as well as allow the user to save the game to an external text file. For extra credit the professor challenged us to write the AI to solve the game. My goal is to get the extra credit, but later to convert the code to Javascript and make a Google Chrome App out of it. Sounds like a fun challenge.

Sudoku Solver Algorithm in JavaScript

Sudoku Board

From the little preliminary research I have done on the subject of sudoku algorithms, it doesn’t seem like it’s too complicated. Since efficiency isn’t a factor in my assignment, I’m confident I’ll at least be able to finish that pretty [relatively] quickly.

As I get more work done on it, both the C++ version of the game, as well as the Javascript version, I’ll be posting my findings, source code, and so forth.

As always, please post your questions and comments, as well as, and especially any tips to suggestions to help me out. Those are always welcome.