Learning JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms

Almost immediately after the publication of my second book with Packt, they invited me to publish my next work with them. This time the medium was video, and the audience was the general purpose web developer looking to deepen his/her programming roots deeper into a solid foundation of computer science principles. The topic of the hour and a half course is data structures and algorithms in JavaScript.

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Easy Learn Tutorial

After several more involved one-on-one experiences with helping friends with programming, I realized how much I enjoy teaching. To practice teaching and experiment with various techniques, I decided to start a YouTube channel dedicated solely to teaching beginner and advanced software development concepts. Shortly after the channel launched, the number of subscribers jumped from a few hundred to a several thousand. Today I publish to this channel less frequently, but I try to answer people’s questions and make new videos and video series accordingly.

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Personal YouTube channel

During my second year at Brigham Young university – Idaho, I started publishing short videos demonstrating some of the work I had been doing. These demos mostly consisted of interesting homework assignment and class projects. After enough people started requesting detailed explanations of how I had accomplished some of those things, I decided to start publishing step by step tutorials on various programming subjects.

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