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Maze Traversal with Breadth-first Search & Depth-first Search - Old Demo

This is an old demo I made in 2015.

An interactive demo of using BFS and DFS to traverse a maze.

About this post

As mentioned in other posts… last night (November 4, 2020) I was showing my 7 year old daughter what Twitter is. I decided to show her some of the weird stuff I’d posted over the years. One of the posts was a link to an old demo I had posted on an old version of this blog. I clicked on the link, only to realize I’d removed all my old blog posts not related to my current pursuit of AI and Machine Learning. My daughter told me that I “should never delete stuff, because then people would never know what I had to say or show them.”

That 7 year old wisdom was enough motivation for me to dig through my Github account and find the code for that and other demos, which is what you’ll find below.

The Demo

If I remember correctly, this demo came about during my YouTube tutorial making days. Something made me want to make a video tutorial explaining ways to traverse a map, so I wrote this demo as an illustration. I’ll forego the explanation of breadth-first search and depth-first search in this post. I will also not take the time to explain my code.

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