Rodrigo Silveira


Learn HTML5 by Creating Fun Games

After publishing a few demos and tutorials related to game development with JavaScript on YouTube and my legacy tech blog, I was approached by Packt Publishing inviting me to write a 300 page book teaching HTML5 to game developers.

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Multiplayer Game Development with HTML5

A year after the release of my first book, Packt Publishing called me again with another book proposal. This time they wanted me to write a follow up to the first book, but now focusing on advanced game development concepts related to networking/multiplayer games.

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Learning JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms

Almost immediately after the publication of my second book with Packt, they invited me to publish my next work with them. This time the medium was video, and the audience was the general purpose web developer looking to deepen his/her programming roots deeper into a solid foundation of computer science principles. The topic of the hour and a half course is data structures and algorithms in JavaScript.

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