Rodrigo Silveira

R&D Backlog

The purpose of my blog is to post unpolished, throwaway, R&D type stuff. The more in-depth discussions will generally be posted on and the posts here will contain more interactive demos. Below is a growing list of things I’m curious to try out and research more, as well as new ideas I come across.

To do

  • scraper
    • Following Jeff Dean’s advice to read lots of paper abstract, I wrote a trivial API that queries and returns a list of abstracts for quick scanning. Now I need to post that code.
  • Genetic algorithms (done)
    • I’m currently mostly curious about neuroevolution in general.

Next post

Genetic Algorithm Example

In this toy demonstration of genetic algorithms, the algorithm learns some arbitrary 2D function. The “chromosome” is represented by a sequence of <distance, angle> pairs. By rendering the first point at some location, we can render the next point in the sequence by computing the <x, y> coordinates relative to that first point by using the distance and angle for the current gene.

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